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Acolyte Executive Search offers a fresh approach to executive recruitment. Our business is performance based and bespoke in nature, tailored to the specific needs of the client. Traditional recruitment is largely reactionary, responding to client needs. The Acolyte Executive Search business model challenges traditional industry thinking and proactively addresses the executive search needs of clients.

By partnering with a small number of clients Acolyte Executive Search can provide the highest level of client service with relentless commitment to the task at hand, delivering optimised and desirable executive search outcomes for the client.

Our aim is not just to source the best possible candidates for our clients, our goal is to build professional and rewarding long term relationships with our clients. By achieving this Acolyte Executive Search is afforded the opportunity to seamlessly align and integrate with our client’s business. From this advantaged position we are able to operate pro-actively identify key talent, that is specifically selected based on the specific requirements of our clients, across multi-level criteria.

Candidate selection is not just based on functional skills and expertise but also based on alignments around values, management style and future vision. These are the ‘softer’ element of the search process; their importance is sometimes overlooked. At Acolyte Executive Search we recognise that alignment on these ‘softer’ elements is the pathway to optimal outcomes as these elements act as the ‘glue that binds’ the client/candidate relationship that provides the foundations on which excellence is achieved.

The achievement of excellent outcomes relies on three things:

1. Great Clients

2. Strong Candidates

3. The ability to supply ‘Great Clients’ with ‘Strong Candidates’.

The Acolyte Executive Search model recognises that excellent outcomes require access to an extraordinary talent pool. It is this recognition that inspired our corporate name ‘Acolyte’. As our name suggests, at Acolyte Executive Search, we “help and support leaders” whether that be clients or candidates. It’s fair to say that it is both the client and candidate, that are central to all that we do.

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